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How to Make a Cozy Cafe at Home

How to re-plan an ordinary kitchen and create an atmosphere of a cozy cafe?

If you often have guests or you yourself are a lover of a cup of coffee in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, then our tips are for you.
When you seriously undertake the arrangement of a kitchen under a small coffee house, first of all, we recommend the following:

  • Buy a coffee maker and a coffee grinder, or rather a compact coffee machine;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the shelves for dishes! It is very important;
  • Get the same sets of dishes (cups, saucers, glasses for cocktails and juice);
  • Tubules, straws, umbrellas and beautiful napkins are integral attributes of a coffee shop, follow this;
  • A small refrigerator should always include fresh cream for coffee and a few desserts to choose from and then you can’t get rid of guests in your house.

Do not forget about the musical accompaniment! Remember what you like to hear in the cafe and stock up on a few flash drives with music.


If you are lucky and your kitchen is quite spacious, then the best way to renovate your home is to establish an island in the middle of the kitchen, which will serve as a bar and a place to store dishes and accessories.


If your kitchen is small – this does not mean that you cannot afford to arrange a cozy corner in your kitchen! In the old buffet, you can perfectly fit the coffee machine and other necessary appliances and utensils.

Bar counter

In studio apartments, there is no problem at all, since usually, it is a small bar counter that is the partition between the room and the kitchen. Take advantage of this!


Inspect your kitchen. Often, after installation, all the necessary equipment in the kitchen there is little free space, so use it under a niche. It’s best to equip this place with something like a buffet, only already from floor to ceiling.

Portable coffee shop

It is not necessary to allocate a separate space in your kitchen for a cafe. If you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with coffee, you can arrange a coffee machine and all accessories on a separate table and put it wherever you want. For example, on the balcony.

Admire the beauty

Of course, if the kitchen has a window, then the best choice of a place for coffee breaks will be right next to it. Well, who would not want to enjoy your favorite drink and enjoy the beautiful view of your beloved city?

City style

An unusual solution for creating a cafe at home is to recreate the style of an urban coffee shop in your kitchen. The Internet and imagination will help you in this matter, but we advise you to turn your attention to the coffee board. This is the place where the menu and interesting offers of the establishment are usually located. Then you’ll surely move from your bedroom to a real coffee shop.