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5 Fascinating Tips on How to Spend Time with Your Family

Of course, every family has its own weekend tradition. In one family everything ends with cleaning the apartment and watching cartoons and films, in another, visiting grandparents. Or maybe it’s time to break up these stereotypical traditions and spend the weekend in a fun and exciting way for everyone? But how can this be done? Nothing special comes to mind? For you, as always, we have something unconventional in our arsenal. So…

Idea #1. A good mood is the key to a successful weekend

It’s better to start making plans for the weekend in the middle of the working week. On Friday, in accordance with the plan developed during the week, prepare everything you need to get your ideas completed. Stock up on all the necessary things (if it’s a picnic, then food and warm clothes, etc). It’s better to start on Saturday morning with an unusual breakfast for the household. Think, what meal prepared for breakfast would cheer everyone up? At a minimum, let it be not an ordinary breakfast with porridge and milk but a milkshake and waffles with fruit jam and whipped cream. I think this will not leave anyone indifferent. Make your special “weekend” breakfast a good tradition for your family.

Idea #2. Unity with nature, what could be better?

Weekends is a good reason for nature trails. If there is some park or a small grove nearby – go there then. Be sure to bring a thermos with tea, food and arrange a small picnic. You can make a small fire and fry some food, for example, sausages or marshmallows. This will be especially exciting for the kids. This beauty and solitude with nature will allow you to relieve nervous tension after a working week, and let the kids have plenty of fun in the fresh air.

Idea #3. Creativity in the family

Do something to improve your home with your own hands. Having got out on nature on Saturday, collect beautiful leaves, interesting twigs, acorns. When you come home, dry it all, and come up with an idea for a home panel or collage, picture. Joint creativity is very exciting, especially if each family member is given a job for which he will be responsible. After the work on the painting or panel is completed, you can put or hang the composition in a conspicuous place in the living room or hallway, bringing the breath of nature into the interior of the house.

Idea #4. The weather is great all the time!

If it was planned to spend time in the fresh air, and an unexpected rain fell outside the window, you should not cross out all plans and sit down to watch television shows. You can make home rest fun, for example, play family games with board games or a twister. Family reading can also be a good way to get the whole family together and read aloud something exciting, interesting or magical. You can take turns reading aloud interesting stories, parables or tales. Take a short break between reading, treat everyone to ice cream or homemade cakes.

Idea #5. Rearrange what surrounds you

A trip to another city will help diversify your weekend and let you relax. If the family has a car at their disposal, then why stop there, ahead of the adventure. A change in the surroundings is a very useful and exciting activity. Let the distance from your city to the place planned for visiting be very small but it is something new. It’s not necessary to visit some attractions, you can just walk along the main square of the city, feed pigeons and visit a local cafe.