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7 Stunning Party Ideas for Kids

Want to organize a lively and emotional baby’s birthday party? Get your kid’s theme party-ready. We have collected 7 relevant ideas for children’s parties that will delight the birthday boy and his guests.

Of course, the style and theme of the holiday are determined by the age and interests of the children, as well as the venue and budget. For example, you can find a suitable ready-made holiday solution for a kid’s birthday. Or try to organize the event yourself, using the help of animators, event agencies, in any case, a well-designed party theme is the key to success.

1. Zombie party

The theme of zombies, vampires, witches, and other “evil spirits” may appeal to children from 10 to 14 years. The preparation of costumes and decor is a separate chapter in organizing such a party. The abundance of red-bloody glazes and cupcakes in the form of skulls are only welcome. The main thing is that the design should turn out to be fun, and not frightening – there are impressionable children in almost any company.

2. Pirate quest

The scenario of the holiday on the theme of pirates revolves around a simple plot: Flint convenes pirates to go through initiation and go in search of treasures. A few days before the birthday, you should send an invitation letter from Flint to the birthday man and his friends. For children, a series of tests and assignments are being prepared, many notes, a map and a route along which they will have to look for wealth. At the children’s pirate party, do not forget about the costumes, delicious treats, and a treasure chest.

3. Ethnic party style

Regardless of the age of the children, the theme birthday party in ethnic style is a very beautiful celebration. True, you need to think carefully about costumes, entertainment, music, and treats in folk traditions. It is worth paying attention to the colorful styles: Hawaiian, Mexican, African, Indian, Japanese.

4. Party based on your favorite cartoon or movie

Such a holiday will appeal to both a 5-year-old kid and a schoolchild of 7-10 years. First, you need to choose a movie or a cartoon that adores a birthday boy, study the plot and prepare a birthday script. There are many options: for boys, Transformers and various Superheroes are well suited, for girls Barbie, Frozen, etc.

5. The school of magic

To arrange a small Hogwarts for a children’s birthday, it is enough to stock up with the right amount of magic wands and robes, prepare a distributing hat, thematic contests and quizzes. A Harry Potter-style party is doomed to succeed if you manage to conduct impressive theoretical and practical classes on magic: tricks, shows, scientific experiments.

6. Cat party

The children’s team can have a “mustachio-striped fun”. The whole arsenal of cat costumes – a lion, a tiger, a cat, a cheetah – should be connected to the holiday. Take advantage of children’s face painting, prepare treats in the form of cat delicacies (cookies – “fish”, cupcakes – “mice”), decorate the room with thematic decor. But do not be surprised if the little guests by the end of such a party begin to meow or purr.

7. Cowboy party

The theme of Western at a children’s holiday opens up enormous opportunities in terms of implementation. To create the atmosphere of the Wild West, you will need cowboy hats, boots, lasso, as well as Horsezz (sticks with the head of horses), pants or fringed vests, and, of course, Texas country music. The scenario may be this: in the saloon, where the cowboys are sitting, a bandit is hiding, and you need to calculate it. Next, you can build a team game to capture the villain, think through thematic tasks.