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7 Stunning Party Ideas for Kids

Want to organize a lively and emotional baby’s birthday party? Get your kid’s theme party-ready. We have collected 7 relevant ideas for children’s parties that will delight the birthday boy and his guests.

Of course, the style and theme of the holiday are determined by the age and interests of the children, as well as the venue and budget. For example, you can find a suitable ready-made holiday solution for a kid’s birthday. Or try to organize the event yourself, using the help of animators, event agencies, in any case, a well-designed party theme is the key to success.

1. Zombie party

The theme of zombies, vampires, witches, and other “evil spirits” may appeal to children from 10 to 14 years. The preparation of costumes and decor is a separate chapter in organizing such a party. The abundance of red-bloody glazes and cupcakes in the form of skulls are only welcome. The main thing is that the design should turn out to be fun, and not frightening – there are impressionable children in almost any company.

2. Pirate quest

The scenario of the holiday on the theme of pirates revolves around a simple plot: Flint convenes pirates to go through initiation and go in search of treasures. A few days before the birthday, you should send an invitation letter from Flint to the birthday man and his friends. For children, a series of tests and assignments are being prepared, many notes, a map and a route along which they will have to look for wealth. At the children’s pirate party, do not forget about the costumes, delicious treats, and a treasure chest.

3. Ethnic party style

Regardless of the age of the children, the theme birthday party in ethnic style is a very beautiful celebration. True, you need to think carefully about costumes, entertainment, music, and treats in folk traditions. It is worth paying attention to the colorful styles: Hawaiian, Mexican, African, Indian, Japanese.

4. Party based on your favorite cartoon or movie

Such a holiday will appeal to both a 5-year-old kid and a schoolchild of 7-10 years. First, you need to choose a movie or a cartoon that adores a birthday boy, study the plot and prepare a birthday script. There are many options: for boys, Transformers and various Superheroes are well suited, for girls Barbie, Frozen, etc.

5. The school of magic

To arrange a small Hogwarts for a children’s birthday, it is enough to stock up with the right amount of magic wands and robes, prepare a distributing hat, thematic contests and quizzes. A Harry Potter-style party is doomed to succeed if you manage to conduct impressive theoretical and practical classes on magic: tricks, shows, scientific experiments.

6. Cat party

The children’s team can have a “mustachio-striped fun”. The whole arsenal of cat costumes – a lion, a tiger, a cat, a cheetah – should be connected to the holiday. Take advantage of children’s face painting, prepare treats in the form of cat delicacies (cookies – “fish”, cupcakes – “mice”), decorate the room with thematic decor. But do not be surprised if the little guests by the end of such a party begin to meow or purr.

7. Cowboy party

The theme of Western at a children’s holiday opens up enormous opportunities in terms of implementation. To create the atmosphere of the Wild West, you will need cowboy hats, boots, lasso, as well as horses (sticks with the head of horses), pants or fringed vests, and, of course, Texas country music. The scenario may be this: in the saloon, where the cowboys are sitting, a bandit is hiding, and you need to calculate it. Next, you can build a team game to capture the villain, think through thematic tasks.

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How to Make a Cozy Cafe at Home

How to re-plan an ordinary kitchen and create an atmosphere of a cozy cafe?

If you often have guests or you yourself are a lover of a cup of coffee in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, then our tips are for you.
When you seriously undertake the arrangement of a kitchen under a small coffee house, first of all, we recommend the following:

  • Buy a coffee maker and a coffee grinder, or rather a compact coffee machine;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the shelves for dishes! It is very important;
  • Get the same sets of dishes (cups, saucers, glasses for cocktails and juice);
  • Tubules, straws, umbrellas and beautiful napkins are integral attributes of a coffee shop, follow this;
  • A small refrigerator should always include fresh cream for coffee and a few desserts to choose from and then you can’t get rid of guests in your house.

Do not forget about the musical accompaniment! Remember what you like to hear in the cafe and stock up on a few flash drives with music.


If you are lucky and your kitchen is quite spacious, then the best way to renovate your home is to establish an island in the middle of the kitchen, which will serve as a bar and a place to store dishes and accessories.


If your kitchen is small – this does not mean that you cannot afford to arrange a cozy corner in your kitchen! In the old buffet, you can perfectly fit the coffee machine and other necessary appliances and utensils.

Bar counter

In studio apartments, there is no problem at all, since usually, it is a small bar counter that is the partition between the room and the kitchen. Take advantage of this!


Inspect your kitchen. Often, after installation, all the necessary equipment in the kitchen there is little free space, so use it under a niche. It’s best to equip this place with something like a buffet, only already from floor to ceiling.

Portable coffee shop

It is not necessary to allocate a separate space in your kitchen for a cafe. If you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with coffee, you can arrange a coffee machine and all accessories on a separate table and put it wherever you want. For example, on the balcony.

Admire the beauty

Of course, if the kitchen has a window, then the best choice of a place for coffee breaks will be right next to it. Well, who would not want to enjoy your favorite drink and enjoy the beautiful view of your beloved city?

City style

An unusual solution for creating a cafe at home is to recreate the style of an urban coffee shop in your kitchen. The Internet and imagination will help you in this matter, but we advise you to turn your attention to the coffee board. This is the place where the menu and interesting offers of the establishment are usually located. Then you’ll surely move from your bedroom to a real coffee shop.

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5 Fascinating Tips on How to Spend Time with Your Family

Of course, every family has its own weekend tradition. In one family everything ends with cleaning the apartment and watching cartoons and films, in another, visiting grandparents. Or maybe it’s time to break up these stereotypical traditions and spend the weekend in a fun and exciting way for everyone? But how can this be done? Nothing special comes to mind? For you, as always, we have something unconventional in our arsenal. So…

Idea #1. A good mood is the key to a successful weekend

It’s better to start making plans for the weekend in the middle of the working week. On Friday, in accordance with the plan developed during the week, prepare everything you need to get your ideas completed. Stock up on all the necessary things (if it’s a picnic, then food and warm clothes, etc). It’s better to start on Saturday morning with an unusual breakfast for the household. Think, what meal prepared for breakfast would cheer everyone up? At a minimum, let it be not an ordinary breakfast with porridge and milk but a milkshake and waffles with fruit jam and whipped cream. I think this will not leave anyone indifferent. Make your special “weekend” breakfast a good tradition for your family.

Idea #2. Unity with nature, what could be better?

Weekends is a good reason for nature trails. If there is some park or a small grove nearby – go there then. Be sure to bring a thermos with tea, food and arrange a small picnic. You can make a small fire and fry some food, for example, sausages or marshmallows. This will be especially exciting for the kids. This beauty and solitude with nature will allow you to relieve nervous tension after a working week, and let the kids have plenty of fun in the fresh air.

Idea #3. Creativity in the family

Do something to improve your home with your own hands. Having got out on nature on Saturday, collect beautiful leaves, interesting twigs, acorns. When you come home, dry it all, and come up with an idea for a home panel or collage, picture. Joint creativity is very exciting, especially if each family member is given a job for which he will be responsible. After the work on the painting or panel is completed, you can put or hang the composition in a conspicuous place in the living room or hallway, bringing the breath of nature into the interior of the house.

Idea #4. The weather is great all the time!

If it was planned to spend time in the fresh air, and an unexpected rain fell outside the window, you should not cross out all plans and sit down to watch television shows. You can make home rest fun, for example, play family games with board games or a twister. Family reading can also be a good way to get the whole family together and read aloud something exciting, interesting or magical. You can take turns reading aloud interesting stories, parables or tales. Take a short break between reading, treat everyone to ice cream or homemade cakes.

Idea #5. Rearrange what surrounds you

A trip to another city will help diversify your weekend and let you relax. If the family has a car at their disposal, then why stop there, ahead of the adventure. A change in the surroundings is a very useful and exciting activity. Let the distance from your city to the place planned for visiting be very small but it is something new. It’s not necessary to visit some attractions, you can just walk along the main square of the city, feed pigeons and visit a local cafe.

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Birthday Party Planning

Cocos Chocolate Cafe offers kids endless enjoyment and entertainment no matter what the season is outdoors. Our fully air-conditioned, indoor playground provides entertainment for kids aged 0-12 years. Along with a full-service café, birthday party bundles and personal venue hire we have actually got everything you need for an adorable family holiday! The cafe located with a view of the playground, you can watch your kids enjoy unlimited hours of fun. If you have a Birthday to celebrate or another group event, we provide themed Birthday celebration packages or personal venue hire choices consisting of decorations, catering and a detailed celebration planner to make it incredibly simple to organize funny Birthday ideas!

kids playing on playground

Indoor Playground

The indoor play area makes kids explore and play freely with activities and equipment greatly fitted to their age at the same time establishing crucial motor abilities and encouraging, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Within these spots, your kid will be among other kids of different ages so they can learn something new from them, talk and make new friends. Even much better, it doesn’t matter what the weather condition’s outside, you’ll be conveniently resting inside.

Cafe Menu

We provide food as fuel not only for kids but for parents too. Cocos Chocolate Cafe treats are exactly what is vital to keep those little bodies full of energy and of course, the adults are satisfied too. We’re proud of the tasty range of fresh food to offer. Providing a tasty mix of sweet and savory dishes, snacks and drinks, cooling beverages along with healthy and gluten-free options. The cafe location is conveniently situated with a view of the playing areas, so you can watch your kids while permitting them to play alone safely. We can deal with most food allergic reactions, give us a heads up prior to you show up and we’ll make sure there’s something for every taste.

birthday party snacks

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate your kid’s Birthday at Cocos Chocolate Cafe. We offer various Birthday celebration plans suitable for different ages and budgets. Each bundle consists of a range of cool character-themed partyware and our manager will help you plan the event to guarantee the magic is possible! You can trust us – we know how to host an incredible kids’ party! Spaces will be tastefully decorated and are suitable for groups of differing ages. Whether you want an all-inclusive plan or something more personalized we’re here to make sure it’s a remarkable day for everybody.

Private Venue Rent

Whether you want to celebrate your Birthday or not, we enjoy commemorating any event. Whether it’s a fundraiser, school prom, sports team event or just a group activity. Our private celebration venue for kids and hire packages to allow your team exclusive access to the playground to commemorate, explore and delight in like VIP for the whole celebration duration. As always our group is in touch to help prepare the event and assurance whatever runs efficiently on the day. Personal packages include using the playground, stereo, catering, and dedicated celebration host. However, if you would prefer to customize the place by yourself, you’re welcome to get access to our facilities and the versatility to run your own occasion.

kids birthday party confetti

Party Preparation Guide

Celebrations are our passion! We take care of all the details so you can unwind and delight in the celebrations. Our passionate celebration heroes will help you with your food order, private space, and time to play. They will provide you with innovative games, keeping kids engaged through the whole event. They will make sure the event really focuses on the person who matters most that day: your Birthday kid.

Cocos Chocolate Cafe is built for children age 13 and under. Kids visiting Cocos Chocolate Cafe celebrations must fit these age standards for the safety of our more youthful guests. Children and teenagers who are beyond these limits in age will be counted as adult visitors when attending the celebration.

The details of our mini celebrations, super parties, private parties packages, and venue renting can be prepared through our online party registration system, coming by in person, or by calling and talking to one of our supervisors.

For individual modifications or Cafe-on-the-go, please send us an e-mail to schedule these events.

Note: Parties can not be booked online if the wanted date is within 1 week. Please send an e-mail with the desired date to see the accessibility of the celebration.

birthday cake and cupcakes

The two-hour celebration package includes:
  • A Birthday Hero. Our Celebration Hero staff has been trained at the “Birthday’s University“, an amusement market leader in occasions and party planning. Your Party Hero will lead your event till the end and make the best party ever!
  • Unique Birthday Gift. The guest gets a coffee shop Birthday T-shirt that is signed by all their guests!
  • Personal party space. The room prepared exclusively for your celebration during the time you want. Primary-colored decors are included. The Birthday room can be embellished with themed-banner, table linens, plates, cups and napkins for an extra fee.
  • Custom-made activities. We have lots of activities to enjoy at Cocos Chocolate Cafe: climbing, dance space, sports court, ball court, and interactive game floor. Your Celebration Hero will design your kid’s Birthday to include the video games and activities of your choice.
  • Food & Beverage. Our party packages come with pizza, punch or soda, and cupcakes for the kids. Extra meals like fresh fruit and vegetable plate, sandwich plate are readily available too.
  • Supplies and designs. We think over every detail! We provide all necessary primary-colored, birthday-themed, decorative celebration supplies and flatware. Trendy music list, bright confetti, non-toxic crayons, huge balloons, and other stuff is always ready to hit up the party!
  • Cafe Play Ground. Your guests are welcome to continue playing at Cafe Playground after your party with no extra charge. Their admission to the play yard after your party is included, and even if they go home and return later on!
  • No Charge for a Birthday Kid. A variety of kids in each package does not include the Birthday kid.

Have a good Birthday party at Cocos Chocolate Cafe!